Photographing Palestine

‘She goes with me everywhere, to the office, on duty or pleasure, in the Desert or the Sown.’ Although Iliffe owned two cameras, it was his unpretentious vest-pocket Tenaxiar rather than his elaborate ‘Sanderson outfit’ that proved the most useful during his seventeen years in Palestine. Often ‘compelled by circumstances or my fellow creatures’ notion of propriety’ to leave his favourite camera at home, the smaller camera soon became just as dear a ‘friend’ to Iliffe.

For Iliffe, photography also played an important role in the Museum. Photographs were taken of new finds in need of repair, for restoration and study purposes, and each card entry in the Museum’s catalogue included a stamp-size photograph along with a brief description of the artefact, its provenance, date, size and material. It was also one of Iliffe’s duties as Keeper of the Museum to accompany government officials on visits to archaeological sites. His photographs recorded whether or not excavators were honouring their permits and following proper procedures.

Wearing a Vest Pocket Camera Wearing a Vest Pocket Camera