Betty’s Philanthropy

Newspaper Article

University News article describing the donation of two Macedonian coins by Betty Fletcher in 1990.

Source: University News, August 29, 1990. Copy held in RD Milns Antiquities Museum Archives, Brisbane.

“The Classics were always a very important part of Betty’s life, and she showed her concern for her favourite discipline by her constant and generous giving, both materially and of herself. Our fine Museum of Classical Antiquities owes much to the many benefactions of Betty over many years.”

        Professor RD Milns in a tribute to Betty Fletcher, 1990.

Through generous donations by Betty, the Antiquities Museum was able to purchase a number of important artefacts over the years. These include a gold Stater of Alexander the Great (C.014, 1980); a terracotta lamp in the form of a mask (83.095, 1983); and a bronze Etruscan fibula (84.009, 1984). In 1986, to mark the University’s 75th Anniversary, the UQ Alumni Association purchased a magnificent Attic marble Funerary Loutrophoros with a Greek inscription (86.097) with funds provided by Betty Fletcher. In 1989, to mark her 80th birthday, Betty donated $5,000 to the Antiquities Museum for the purchase of two Macedonian Tetradrachms (C.010 and C.026).

Artefacts purchased with funds donated by Mrs. Betty Fletcher